We are a small but ever growing business right here in Louisville Ohio! This being said, our site will also continue to grow! As of right now we are not taking website orders! However, you are welcome to give us a call if you see anything you like and would like to order!

    If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (330) 875-3185.
    In the meantime, see what’s new, what’s popular and what we’ve got on sale here on our Facebook page!

    About Us
    Bargain Barn is a discount store in Northeast Ohio. All of our products are brand new- never returned or refurbished items like a lot of other discount stores. In addition to general household items, we carry a lot of American-Made furniture and mattresses, all with great warranties. Please browse the site to see all of the furniture we have to offer. If we don’t have this furniture in stock we can easily order anything that we feature.

    Not only do we carry thousands of great discount items, but we’re also the exclusive home to Todd Bosley’s World Famous Products! We have a huge variety of our own amazing products ranging from dips, sauces, salsa, pickles, syrup, jams, preserves and conserves! Not to mention our line of soaps and cleaners that compare to name brands at a fraction of the price! Check out this video of a loyal customer and their love for our great items!

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