– Hospital Grade Disinfectant Concentrate!
– For home use, hospitals, nursing homes, many more!
– Only need 5-8 oz of this for every 1 gallon of water!
– This one gallon makes over 25 gallons of disinfectant!
– Powerful QUAT cleaner!

This is a hospital grade cleaning concentrate. Mix this with water and make your own gallon of disinfectant! This doesn’t only disinfect but also cleans and deodorizes all in one! Kills fungi and mildew. Kills Coronavirus!

-WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN BLEACH AND QUAT? Bleach is a common household name for a solution of sodium hypochlorite and water. Sodium hypochlorite, in its pure form, is a water soluble, yellowish liquid that contains about 12% chlorine and is an extremely powerful oxidizing agent. It will corrode or destroy most metals, react with acids, peroxides, and many other chemicals to produce toxic chlorine gas. Bleach will dissolve paper, cloth, and many other organic materials. Even in the 5% household strength, bleach is still a potent oxidizer and disinfectant with very high alkalinity. Caution must be used when working with bleach. Bleach contains NO cleaning agents. Quat is the common name for quaternary ammonium chloride compounds of which there are about 300 varieties all with varying anti-microbial efficacies. Quats are generally surfactants with cationic (positive) charges. Due to their surfactant make-up, quats contribute cleaning power to their formulas. These products are low in toxicity and corrosivity making them user friendly and simple. While the advantage of bleach is ultimately the inexpensiveness to use, the rest of the variables are all disadvantages. Bleach is highly corrosive, contains toxic fumes, dissipates quickly, bleaches most fabrics, causes irritation to the eyes and nose, has no cleaning ingredients, dulls floor tiles, and damages floor finish and grout. Bleach is dangerous if mixed with many chemicals and cleaners. On the other hand, the disadvantage of quat is the price in comparison to bleach. Quat can also have reduced act

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